1372 Dutch Elm

Previous Winners 

Forest Edge HOA – Yard of the Month

The finest yards in our community will be celebrated every month.

The purpose of YOM is to provide an incentive for residents to maintain and improve the appearance of our community by promoting well-kept yards.

One winner each month will proudly display a “Yard of the Month” sign in their yard for the entire month.  Hara will send every winner a letter.  A picture of the winning yard will also be posted on the official FEHOA website, displayed on the bulletin boards and included in our newsletters.  Every homeowner is invited to participate and send nominations to the Welcoming Committee for consideration.  See guidelines below: 

  1. Criteria

·         Healthy, well kept plants and yard

·         Pruned and trimmed shrubs and trees

·         Minimum weeds

·         Yard free of debris and clutter

·         Creative design and landscaping

·         Overall aesthetic appeal

·         Holiday decorations can be considered 

  1. One home will be selected each month
  2. Each yard will be limited to win once per calendar year
  3. Front yards only
  4. Current board members and members of the Welcoming Committee are not eligible.
  5. Winner must be in good standing with FEHOA with dues paid in full and must be compliant to community covenants.
  6. Welcoming Committee will nominate 3 yards and email the addresses to board members prior to every board meeting.  FEHOA board members will select YOM for the following month.